Kamala Harris Removes Herself From Public for Nearly a Week

Kamala Harris Removes Herself From Public for Nearly a Week

(TheRedWire.com) – Whenever President Joe Biden speaks, Vice President Kamala Harris is ordinarily at his side. However, since Biden’s botched troop withdrawal in Afghanistan blew up in his face, Harris hasn’t been anywhere to be found. The public last saw or heard from the second in command of the US government on Thursday, August 12.

On Sunday, the media reported Harris was so upset with the Afghanistan situation she refused to speak to the American people and exclaimed she wouldn’t take the fall for Biden. Harris has not been present as usual during Biden’s last few press conferences. During Biden’s speech to the country on Monday, Harris watched from the Green Room the White House said.

And Harris isn’t the only absentee during this foreign policy crisis. Biden vacationed at Camp David, making only a brief return to address the nation. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s email and voicemail messages returned automated out-of-office replies indicating she would be unavailable for a week. The simultaneous absence of all three during a crisis sparked fierce criticism.

As the Afghanistan nightmare continues to escalate, Harris is preparing to leave the country on Friday, August 20, for Singapore and Vietnam on a second overseas tour. While she’s the two Asian countries, the media expects to interrogate Harris about the message Afghanistan’s collapse signals to allies concerned about China’s growing influence.

The president and vice president’s relationship status since the fall of Kabul is unknown. But Harris has made it clear she is none too happy about the chaos and has taken a back seat during the crisis. If she’s trying to protect her political ambitions, it may be too little too late. Her approval ratings are sinking along with Biden’s as 55% say she isn’t qualified to be the President of the United States.

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