Kamala Harris Risks Everything in Dangerous Move

Kamala Harris Risks Everything in Dangerous Move

(TheRedWire.com) – It appears that American taxpayers are about to get stuck with a hefty bill to cover the Biden administration’s failed border policies. Taxpayers already pay for government benefits like education and healthcare for illegal migrants. Now, it appears the administration wants to cover the tab for Central American countries as well.

On Sunday, June 6, Vice President Kamala Harris headed for Central America. In a risky move, she promised $4 billion in aid. She hopes those countries will use the funds to secure their borders better to keep their citizens at home.

The move is risky. Central American governments are reputed to be corrupt, and there’s no guarantee the money would be spent on border control.

Immigration experts warn the strategy could backfire. They also question the Biden administration’s efforts to reverse former president Donald Trump’s border policies. Trump started building a wall, and he kept immigrants in Mexico or their home country while applying for citizenship.

Those policies worked, and now the US is enduring an unprecedented crisis at the nation’s southern border. Why fix a problem that doesn’t exist? And, why not reverse current policy in light of its obvious failure?

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