Kamala Harris Tries To Dodge Question by Chuck Todd

Kamala Harris Tries To Dodge Question by Chuck Todd

WATCH: Kamala Harris EXPOSED – She Refused to Answer!

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last several weeks, President Joe Biden began attacking “MAGA” Republicans, labeling them extremists who are a threat to Democracy. Yet, for months, Democratic groups have tried to prop up what they view as extreme members of the GOP because some believe certain Republican candidates would be easier to defeat in the November elections. On September 11, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd questioned Vice President Kamala Harris on the wisdom of Democrats propping up these candidates by running ads encouraging GOP voters to cast ballots for them.

While many people, including some vulnerable Democrats, have criticized Biden’s rhetoric as divisive, Harris defended him. She said Americans want a Commander in Chief who will sound the alarms over extremism and its dangers to America’s democracy. Todd pushed back and asked if MAGA Republicans were so dangerous, why are Democrats helping to elevate them ahead of the election? He said the move appeared cynical. He wondered why they don’t leave the good Republicans alone.

The vice president dodged the question, stating she wouldn’t tell campaigns how to run their operations and decide on what they think is in their best interest. Not accepting her answer, Todd pushed back again and asked whether the meddling reflecting poorly on Democrats concerned her. Still, the vice president refused to bite. Instead, she stated there was more on the line than this issue, with less than sixty days until midterm voting.

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