Kamala Harris Unveils New Slogan of “Let’s Get to Work” for 2022

Kamala Harris Unveils New Slogan of

(TheRedWire.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris had a difficult 2021. Her first year in office wasn’t supposed to be this challenging. She’s been a beacon of consistency, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing in this instance. While she’s been conspicuously absent from the public eye and the media over the last several months, she’s unveiling a new slogan for 2022, “Let’s get to work.”

It sounds good, but is it really any different than what she declared leading up to taking office in 2020? All the slogans and gimmicks in the world won’t change the fact that many voters question whether she’s competent or capable in her role as vice president. After all, what did she accomplish in 2021?

Harris Exhorts Americans to Work Hard and Build a Better Country

On Monday, January 3, the vice president tweeted that it’s time to get to work building a better America. Where has she been the last 12 months? During that time, President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the southern border. Her response has not been good. In fact, the situation at the border has been atrocious. In 2020, the Border Patrol encountered 458,088 illegal immigrants. In February 2021, the numbers exploded and never abated. Through September, the Border Patrol encountered a total of 1.75 million illegal immigrants.

In the second half of 2021, Harris barely spoke about illegal immigration, let alone the root causes that Biden tasked her with uncovering and solving.

Are those results building a better country?

Then there’s the issue of voting rights. She was supposed to be the White House liaison and help ensure the Democrats passed legislation that would centralize elections in Washington, DC. That isn’t going well either. Voter reform legislation failed three times in the Senate, and it isn’t looking promising so far in 2022.

Not once in six months has Harris’ name been linked with voter reform!

Harris Calls on America to Get to Work, But Is She?

In 2021, only about half of Harris’ events were fully open to the press, and a third were entirely closed to journalists. The rest of the media coverage was short to allow for photographs and brief remarks lasting only five to ten minutes.

Considering her success record to this point, is it any wonder her approval ratings aren’t lower? One poll in early December showed voter approval of Harris at an alarming 12%, although that number might be a bit extreme. The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows her with a 39% approval and a 53% unfavorable rating. Coming out of a first year, that’s bad news for congressional Democrats hoping to avoid a red tsunami during the upcoming midterm elections.

Perhaps instead of using fancy slogans encouraging Americans to get back to work, she should take Nike’s slogan to heart and “Just do it.”

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