Kamala Loses More Key Staff — White House Team in Shambles

Kamala Loses More Key Staff -- White House Team in Shambles

(TheRedWire.com) – Kamala Harris appears to be struggling in her role as vice president. Since swearing into office on January 20, 2021, numerous challenging issues have rocked the vice president. For instance, she reportedly experienced high tension with West Wing staff, and President Joe Biden gave her controversial roles such as reducing immigration and federal election reforms. In both instances, how could Harris claim success?

Illegal immigration is at an all-time high, and the administration expects it to worsen when the administration lifts Title 42 in May. Let’s not forget about federal election reforms. They died in the Senate, where she’s supposed to have some swagger as a former Senator.

Now, another critical staff person is leaving Harris’ office in a revolving door of problems. It’s a growing list as 12 others quit over the last several months. In December, the Daily Mail reported Harris’ staff were leaving because they were either burned out or didn’t want to be tied to her failing brand after only 11 months. Her chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders, was among them. Now, Harris’ chief of staff announced she’s leaving as well.

VP Chief of Staff Announces Resignation

After only 15 months, Vice President Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, is moving on. Harris praised Flournoy for helping the administration during a historic first year in office. The VP said Flournoy helped rebuild the economy and alliances around the world. Some might question Harris’ statement, considering inflation is sky high and on the precipice of a potential recession.

Regardless, Harris hired Flournoy as her chief of staff in December 2020 for her experience as a strategist and aide to the Clintons.

Flournoy oversaw Harris’ office and was considered a link between the VP and Democratic activists and allies. She also led a chaotic office atmosphere that saw a rapid staff turnover. The departures came as rumors of a toxic work environment emerged. In a Politico report on June 30, 2021, current and former aides to Harris blamed Harris and Flournoy as the root problem for the dysfunction. They said the very top of the office, i.e., Harris and Flournoy, threw staff under the bus and treated them poorly.

Former staffers also told Politico that Flournoy was overly protective of Harris and dismissed any criticism of the VP or ignored staff ideas. She also struggled to delegate authority and responsibilities and quickly blamed others for adverse outcomes.

Harris Announces New Chief of Staff

Harris named top adviser Lorraine Voles as Flournoy’s replacement. Last summer, Flournoy brought Voles into Harris’ leadership team. Will Voles create a different workplace atmosphere and calm the media narrative around Vice President Harris?

Only time will tell. Voles has worked in higher education roles, was the director of communications for Vice President Al Gore, and has had various other positions in government and lobbying.

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