Kamala Officially Hits Rock Bottom

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TheRedWire.com) – An NBC News survey released Monday found that 49 percent of respondents held a negative opinion of Vice President Harris. According to the poll, only 32 percent of respondents had a favorable view of Harris, leaving her net negative of -17. This is the lowest net negative rating received by any sitting vice president in the survey’s history.

In October 2019, former Vice President Mike Pence, currently a Republican Presidential candidate, had, in contrast, been only -4 net negative, with 38 percent of respondents having a negative view of him and 34 percent having an optimistic outlook.

White House officials have actively worked to repair Harris’ ratings before the 2024 presidential election. White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients told the media outlet that they had weekly meetings with Harris to look into possible ways to help out her achievements, ideas, and leadership skills.

Chief of Staff to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Sheila Nix is also expected to join the Biden campaign as the chief of staff to Harris, a move meant to aid Harris as she enters the campaign trail.

President Joe Biden announced that he would be seeking reelection in 2024. Many have questioned whether his age will stop him from completing a campaign and a second term.

The NBC News poll was conducted from June 16 to June 20 and included 1000 participants. The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

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