Kanye Meets With Trump – What Happened Next Stunned EVERYONE

Kanye West Reveals Details of Meeting With Trump

Kanye West Reveals Details of Meeting With Trump

(TheRedWire.com) – On Tuesday, November 22, former president and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with Kanye West and noted white nationalist Nick Fuentes. The meeting has sparked some criticism against Trump. Three days after the meeting, Ye, which is how West refers to himself, announced he was running for president in 2024.

On Thanksgiving evening, the rapper claimed in a video dubbed a “Mar-Lago debrief” that Trump yelled at him during the meeting and said if he ran for the White House, he would lose. He branded the footage “YE24.” Ye said he asked Trump to run as his vice presidential candidate. He stated the request appeared to catch the former commander-in-chief off guard. Ye also shared some of his political beliefs. He stated that “all Christians” who love Trump know he’s a Conservative. He said they should demand “policies directly related to the Bible.”

Despite announcing his intention to run for president, Ye hasn’t filed the formal paperwork to become a presidential candidate. In 2020, West tried to mount a campaign but only got on the ballot in 12 states after missing filing deadlines. Out of approximately 160 million votes cast, he received around 60,000. Recently, Ye lost the support of major brands, including Adidas, because of a controversy stemming from several anti-Semitic comments.

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