Karine-Jean-Pierre Scrambles to Defend Biden After Another Awful Gaffe

Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps Back at Reporter Asking About Another Biden Gaffe

Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps Back at Reporter Asking About Another Biden Gaffe

(TheRedWire.com) – Serving as President Joe Biden’s press secretary must pose unique challenges. Over his lengthy political career, colleagues and critics alike have come to know Biden as a gaffe machine. On Wednesday, September 28, he committed a big one during a White House Press Conference. As the president thanked members of Congress, he called out in the audience for Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN). However, he couldn’t find her because the Republican lawmaker had died in a car accident in August. A few hours later, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got into a back and forth with reporters wanting to know why Biden was looking for someone who wasn’t alive.

The hostility started when CBS reporter Steven Portnoy asked the White House spokesperson to release the prepared remarks. Jean-Pierre stated the president acknowledged her incredible work and that she was “top of mind” as he prepared to meet with her family on Friday. Portnoy suggested Biden may not have understood the teleprompter, causing the press secretary to parry, saying the reporter was “jumping to a lot of conclusions.”

Another reporter said Jean-Pierre’s statement was confusing and asked how Biden could have thought she was alive and in the room if the deceased congresswoman was “top of mind” for the Commander-in-Chief. The spox replied many people make misstatements when someone is top of mind. A third reporter shot back later and said John Lennon was top of mind every day for him, but he wasn’t looking for the singer. Jean-Pierre suggested they could converse when the reporter signed a bill for Lennon.

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