KFC to “Replace” Meat With Plant-Based Alternative

KFC to

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last number of years, plant-based protein foods have been growing in popularity. Younger consumers are primarily behind the growing trend. In 2020, the plant-based food industry was worth a surprising $4.3 billion, gaining the attention of fast-food restaurants.

On Tuesday, January 4, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the introduction of Beyond Meat Fried Chicken. It’s the first meatless chicken-flavored plant-based fast food in the United States designed to look like a six-piece pack of fried chicken chunks. KFC said it took almost two years of trials in select US cities before rolling it out nationwide.

KFC says it believes the plant-based alternative to real chicken isn’t a fad and that the company expects demand to grow in the coming years. Company President Kevin Hochman said it’s not about being vegan or vegetarian. He said over 90% of consumers still eat animal proteins. Some just like it because of the flavor. Hochman added that he wouldn’t be surprised if consumers choose the taste of the Beyond Meat chicken over regular fried chicken because it tastes that good.

Beyond Meat won’t be limited to KFC. Long-term, KFC parent company, Yum! Brands, intends to introduce it in Pizza Hut and Taco Bell products over the next few years.

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