Kim Jong-un Visits Location Reported to Be Making Massive North Korean Weapon

Kim Jong-un Visits Location Reported to Be Making Massive North Korean Weapon

( – Over the last month, North Korea has been putting on a military display of sorts. Despite bans from the United Nations Security Council, the Hermit Kingdom is conducting missile tests at an alarming rate. In January, the North Koreans fired ten missiles in six launches. Analysts who study North Korea say they’ve developed a series of new military capabilities, including cruise missiles, submarine-based ballistic missiles, train-launched missiles, and a hypersonic missile with advanced features.

On Thursday, January 27, North Korea’s official state-run news agency showed dictator Kim Jong-un inspecting a munitions factory plant where workers are supposedly building a major weapons system. On Friday, the regime said its two most recent weapons tests were successful. It added it would create a nuclear war deterrent and ordered the development of more powerful warheads.

Experts say it appears North Korea is expanding its military capabilities as both a threat and an opportunity. Despite limited resources, Kim may be reviving an old playbook whereby he threatens his neighbors and promises to stop for concessions or sanction relief.

On January 11, the regime fired an alleged hypersonic missile. Kim says it’s vital to his country’s five-year military force buildup plan. While there are no details on the supposed major weapon system, North Korea says its weapons’ tests are an exercise in self-defense. The Biden administration is threatening more sanctions over the nation’s alleged hypersonic missile test. If the US follows through, North Korea says it will threaten stronger action.

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