Kim Jong Un’s Sister Tells South Korean President To “Shut His Mouth”

Kim Jong Un's Sister Tells South Korean President To

Kim Jong Un’s Sister ERUPTS in Attack Against World Leader!

( -The United Nations Security Council has enacted close to a dozen resolutions sanctioning North Korea over the last 20 years. Likewise, the United States, South Korea, and others have also imposed unilateral sanctions on the hermit country. The punishment stems from the communist country’s aggressive efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. While the measures have taken a heavy toll on North Korea’s economy, some countries have undermined the effort to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Despite the pain, Kim Jong Un has remained steadfast he will get a nuclear military.

Still, the US and South Korea have tried numerous times to persuade Kim from pursuing his ambition. Former President Donald Trump offered to relieve sanctions if the dictator would agree to stop his pursuit of the dangerous weapons. He refused to agree to the terms. On Wednesday, August 17, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol told the media he would offer the North economic relief in exchange for nuclear disarmament. Needless to say, Kim Jong Un’s sister didn’t respond well to the gesture.

Kim Jong Un’s Sister Tells Yoon To “Shut His Mouth”

Celebrating his 100th day in office, Yoon has pursued what he called an “audacious” plan. In May, he said he would propose relief to North Korea if they agreed to abandon their nuclear aspirations. He’s also pressured the rogue country by warning it he would increase the military’s deterrence efforts against the North if it resisted complying with the request. To that end, South Korea and the US will soon engage in a series of major military field exercises.

On Friday, Kim Yo Jong, the younger but powerful sister of the dictator, suggested the new South Korean leader should “shut his mouth.” She said his image in the North would be better served by saying nothing instead of uttering nonsense.

Additionally, Kim stated it was childish and simple to think they would abandon its nuclear ambitions and honor. She emphasized “no one barters its destiny for corn cake.” She noted the upcoming military drills demonstrated talk of diplomacy was not sincere.

South Korea’s Unification Minister said Kim’s statement was not respectful and called it “indecent.” Still, she said North Korean officials would not sit face-to-face with Yoon.

It wasn’t the first time Kim attacked the new South Korean president. Earlier in August, she unleashed a profane sermon blaming the South for COVID-19 infections in her country. She threatened fatal retaliation if the conditions continued.

North Continues Pattern of Threats

Despite the international community isolating North Korea and its impoverished state, it proclaims itself a sworn enemy of South Korea. In the 1950s, 2.5 million people lost their lives in the civil war between factions that wanted democracy on one side and communism on the other. The Council on Foreign Relations reported that since 2017, Kim Jong-un had shown continued provocations as he tested nuclear weapons, launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, and continually threatened its neighbor to the south.

In response, the US has mobilized anti-missile systems in the South. Additionally, the two countries and Japan enacted unilateral sanctions against the isolated country. Still, nothing appears to stop North Korean aggression and nuclear development efforts.

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