Kimberly Guilfoyle Becomes Target Of Pelosi’s January 6th Committee

Kimberly Guilfoyle Becomes Target Of Pelosi's January 6th Committee

( – The partisan January 6 House Select Committee is working to make the case former President Donald Trump and those around him are responsible for the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, 2021. The committee is a political entity and has no legal sway unless the Department of Justice agrees to act on committee findings and referrals. That could make it tricky for those who appear before the committee.

On Thursday, March 3, the Select Committee subpoenaed Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump, Jr.’s fiance and a former Fox News co-host. The committee alleges Guilfoyle helped plan the president’s rally on January 6 and played a substantial role in fundraising for the event. The committee says it wants to know more about her activities and other matters reportedly surrounding events at the nation’s capital that day.

House January 6 Select Committee Targets Donald Trump Jr.’s Fiancee

Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said the committee, comprised of seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, alleges Guilfoyle reneged on a commitment to talk voluntarily before them. As a result, Thompson said Guilfoyle left the committee with no choice but to issue the subpoena and force her to testify. Still, the committee chairman said he hoped she would do so willingly.

In addition to helping plan the rally and fundraiser for the former President’s rally on January 6, the committee subpoena alleges Guilfoyle influenced Trump’s rally speech that Democrats believe incited the riot. However, no one in law enforcement has confirmed that notion through any legal action. They also believe she knows who President Trump and his staff invited to speak and any concerns about sharing the stage with people like Alex Jones and Roger Stone.

Trump Makes Assertion About Panel

The former president isn’t taking the January 6 Select Committee laying down. On the same day the committee issued Guilfoyle’s subpoena, Trump said the committee was investigating him and those around him for one purpose: they want to destroy Democracy by not allowing him to run for president in 2024.

Trump said the lies circulated by the committee, Democrats, and anti-Trump Republicans wouldn’t stop the truth from coming eventually reaching the American people. He also stated their Marxist tactics wouldn’t stop the Make America Great/America First movement.

One day earlier, attorneys for the Select Committee alleged they had information Trump and his lawyer, John Eastman, conspired to defraud the United States with a plot to interfere with the Electoral College certification process and put out false information about election fraud.

The issue is picking up political steam. Republicans are warning the Justice Department if they prosecute Trump, it will devolve into an unnecessary and bitter political battle. The GOP added any prosecution of the former president would be politically motivated and boost Trump’s appeal among Republican voters and independents who are unhappy with the Biden administration.

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