Kyle Rittenhouse Says He’s About to Hold Some People “Accountable”

Kyle Rittenhouse Says He's About to Hold Some People

( – In August 2020, violent riots broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A young 17-year-old legally armed and ready to protect people’s lives and property was In the center of the violence. Prosecutors later charged Kyle Rittenhouse with murdering two men on that day in what looked like a war zone. A jury found him not guilty of all charges and believed the young man acted in self-defense. Still, the media smeared him as a white supremacist, racist, and vigilante before and after the trial despite evidence to the contrary. Even President Biden jumped in and ran the young man’s reputation through the dirt without knowing all the facts.

Rittenhouse recently spoke with Daily Wire host Candace Owens about his ordeal. He related that he’s encountered difficulty sleeping in the wake of the 2020 incident and subsequent trial. Rittenhouse added that he didn’t realize how big the case really was or what it meant for him and the country. However, he said there’s about to be some accountability for spreading malicious misinformation, alluding to potential legal action against the media and others.

In November, Rittenhouse said much of the same to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The young man said he hoped one day there would be accountability for those in the media who unfairly and wrongly defamed and impugned him. He told Carlson his attorneys were working on the case.

Stay tuned. As soon as news breaks about Rittenhouse’s legal pursuit of wrongs against him, we’ll let you know.

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