Lack of Diversity in Biden’s West Wing Offices

Lack of Diversity in Biden's West Wing Offices

( – Democrats love to make hay with identity politics. They often claim to fight for racial equality, but their actions rarely back up their rhetoric. Such is the case in the West Wing, where the Biden administration appears to lack diversity in the halls of “America’s house.”

According to the Politico “Playbook,” of the 13 first floor offices, only one is occupied by a person of color. Of the 22 people identified on both floors of the West Wing, only four were people of color, including Vice President Kamala Harris. Despite appearances in the West Wing, the Commander in Chief promised he would advance racial equity while in office.

A recent executive order signed by President Joe Biden stated that the entire federal government is duty-bound to strive for “racial justice.” In a recent speech, the president said the government must commit to “diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accessibility.”

He talks a good game, but in his offices, he’s not practicing what he preaches.

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