Landlords Ordered To Rent To Illegals?

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

( – In Denver, the city has decided to shut down many of its migrant shelters. Officials have now been calling for local property owners to open their homes to migrants who needed somewhere to stay. 

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston in his recent announcement noted that the city was going to be scaling back its migrant services as a way of cutting down the current budget deficit of close to $60 million and reallocating the funds into city services. The move is also going to lead to shelters being consolidated or shut down. 

Denver Human Services Jon Ewing told Fox 31 that they were looking at possible different ways in which they could provide shelter to immigrants. He further pointed out that they have asked all landlords that they have connections with to see if they would be able to house any newcomers. 

Fox 31 has reported that the city has already sent emails to Denver rental property owners to see if they wanted to provide housing to migrants. Ewing noted that the rent cap they had set right now is $2,000. He pointed out that the effort had the support of locally operating nonprofits who have already helped provide migrants with different forms of housing as many of them are now coming out of shelters. 

He added that currently, they were at under 1,800 which is the lowest number that they have had since September. In January that number had been as high as 4,500 people. Previously migrants looking for a home had to post on social media. 

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