Latest ‘Carbon Offset’ Law Hits Farmers Where It Hurts The Most

Latest 'Carbon Offset' Law Hits Farmers Where It Hurts The Most

( – The Green agenda may be a good idea for some, but it’s harmful to others. In Wales, United Kingdom, businesses are gobbling up farmland at an unprecedented rate, but it’s not to farm. Instead, massive companies are buying land to obtain carbon credits, which they can use to offset emissions elsewhere in the UK. This practice limits farmers’ ability to purchase additional land, hitting many where it hurts the most — their ability to expand operations.

According to The Times, many corporations bought tree farms as food prices rose quickly, and some people faced food insecurity. Now, some elected officials warn that the sale of lands to big businesses in Wales could harm communities, erode Welsh customs, and eventually eradicate the Welsh language. Officials say that companies are trying to create a false impression that they are environmentally conscious. While they may own more land for the credits, it doesn’t drop their actual emissions into the atmosphere.

Wales isn’t alone. In Ireland, people struggle to pay their heating costs due to a carbon tax hike. One Member of the European Parliament (MEP) recently stated that green policies are only making poor people poorer and are undermining the European economy – something many expressed concerns about in 2019 and 2020.

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