Laura Ingraham in Hot Water After Suggesting It’s Time To Move on From Donald Trump

Laura Ingraham in Hot Water After Suggesting It's Time To Move On From Donald Trump

Trump Ally BETRAYAL – She’s in Hot Water Now!

( – Former President Donald Trump has hinted around that he plans to run again in 2024 for months. In the wake of the August 8 FBI raid on his Florida home, it looks like he intends to take on the Swamp one more time. Trump released a campaign-stye video the same evening that many believe was a signal he’s gearing up. Still, some Republicans who support the former president say it may be time to move on to other possibilities – among them, most notably, is conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

On Tuesday, August 16, Ingraham told “The Truth with Lisa Booth” that she and Trump are friends, however, she is concerned that the country is growing tired of the constant tension surrounding the former president. She said it might be better to find a candidate who embraces all of his policies without the “Trump.” That declaration provoked a quick response from former Fox News host and current Newsmax personality Eric Bolling.

Bolling said Ingraham was throwing in the towel, much like Fox News. He made it obvious he disapproved of his friend’s perspective but acknowledged she’s a solid Trump supporter. Still, Bolling asked what in the world was wrong with the popular host and questioned why she had given up on the man. He said the more conservatives learn about the raid, the more lies it will uncover.

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