Law PAC Funds Used by Black Lives Matter Supporter To Buy $40,000 Dog

Law PAC Funds Used by Black Lives Matter Supporter To Buy $40,000 Dog

Black Lives Matter UNDER FIRE After Mysterious Purchase Comes to Light

( – After Black Lives Matter (BLM) emerged in 2020, individuals and corporations donated millions of dollars to the social justice non-profit. In 2021, stories emerged that leaders in the organization mismanaged the funds, bought expensive homes, and lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of those they claimed to serve. Recently, new concerns arose after allegations one of the group’s supporters purchased a dog for over $40,000 using money from his political action committee (PAC).

BLM activist Shaun King runs the Grassroots Law PAC. According to campaign disclosures, King’s political action committee purchased the expensive guard dog for his family. He argued they needed the dog thanks to White supremacists who meant them harm. The activist added that in New York City, he isn’t allowed to own a gun for self-protection, and in New Jersey, firearm laws are even more restrictive.

King said the dog provided protection and served as a family pet. Experts say the BLM activist who supports the defund the police movement didn’t break the law, but it’s a disservice to those who donated to the PAC.

It’s not the first time he’s run into controversy. The victims of a boy killed by police said he allegedly kept the money raised in their child’s name. Interestingly, the dog breeder posted on social media in July that King returned the dog because it was too excitable as a family pet.

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