Lawmakers Pass Emergency Vote To Avoid Government Shutdown

Lawmakers Pass Emergency Vote To Avoid Government Shutdown

( – The lame-duck session of Congress is proving to be high on drama. On January 3, Republicans will take control of the House from Democrats. In the meantime, Democrats are trying to pass a year-long omnibus package. It would fund many of their left-wing priorities before the change boots them to the minority, stripping them of any influence over the budget. On Wednesday, December 14, the House passed a short-term spending bill that would provide lawmakers another week to meet a December 23 deadline to pass a long-term spending bill.

The vote made it through the lower chamber 224 to 201. If the Senate passes the legislation by Friday at 11:59 pm and sends it to the president’s desk, it would avoid a government shutdown. With the imminent power transfer in the House, Republicans are attempting to push the longer-term bill into the new year.

In the Senate, Republicans expressed dismay with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). He has backed a compromised spending plan, suggesting it’s the best deal the GOP will get from Democrats. Conservatives have accused McConnell of pressuring them to vote on a funding deal they say there‚Äôs no time to read.

On Wednesday, retiring Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said negotiators agreed on a bipartisan framework for a larger bill that should pass in the Senate by the December 23 deadline. It’s unclear whether 10 Senate Republicans will agree to vote for the omnibus package.

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