Lawsuit Filed Accusing “Woke” School Ideologies May Harm Low-Income Children

Lawsuit Issued Accusing

Woke Ideologies May HARM Children – Lawsuit Filed!

( – It appears that the Biden administration wants another showdown in federal court. Since Congress is at a stalemate due to razor-thin margins in the House and an evenly divided Senate, legislation to create new laws or update previous ones to comply with the Left’s agenda is virtually impossible. So, President Joe Biden is trying to get around Congress by issuing executive orders (EO) and federal agencies updating regulations that may not comply with a law’s legislative intent.

While gender identity and transgender issues grip the Left and force conservatives to fight to protect parental rights, the Biden administration appears to believe it’s found a way around state laws prohibiting teaching young kids about sexual issues, especially in Florida.

On Tuesday, June 23, the US Department of Education released a 700-page document announcing changes to Title IX. Now, one private religious school in Florida is suing the Biden administration and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, arguing the rules extend beyond the law’s purview.

Biden Administration Attempts to Force Schools To Comply With Gender Identity Rules

Instead of passing laws in Congress, the change to Title IX would force all public and private schools that receive any federal dollars to conform to the Left’s gender identity mandates. If not, schools could lose the funding. That situation is setting up a showdown in Florida, which has a new law that prohibits young children from exposure to sexual-based instruction. Additionally, conservatives are also pushing back against gender identity issues involving young kids.

Grant Park Christian Academy serves low-income students in Tampa, Florida. Every day, students receive free meals through the lunch program. Under new interpretations by the federal government and Fried (a Democrat running for Florida governor), administrators say they threatened the school’s school lunch funding if they refused to get onboard.

The funding to pay for school lunches comes through the US Agriculture Department and the National School Lunch program, which is administered by Fried.

The problem is the private school is religiously based. Pastor Alfred Johnson told the Daily Wire that if the school didn’t comply, the school would not get the money to feed the kids. He said the government is forcing them to violate their core Christian beliefs or lose out on meeting the legitimate needs of children.

The pastor added that tens of thousands of children would suffer as schools have no idea how the government is reinterpreting Title IX.

School Sues To Protect Its Religious Freedoms

The academy said it receives its funding for school lunches through Title IX. The school said the new rules prohibit it from treating students according to their biological gender based on their religious beliefs. Johnson said Fried refused to exempt the school and told them to stop receiving the funds or start following the new rules.

The lawsuit contends that the Biden administration and commissioner have decided if schools don’t violate their religious beliefs, their underprivileged students won’t eat.

So, how will the federal courts rule on this?

Stay tuned.

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