Levi’s Fired Executive for Speaking Out Against School Closures

Levi's Fired Executive for Speaking Out Against School Closures

(TheRedWire.com) – Jennifer Sey, Levi’s Clothing president, has worked her way up through the ranks, starting in 1999. Last year, executives told her she was on her way to leading the whole company. Unfortunately, her hard work and drive to succeed didn’t outweigh the company’s need to appease the radical Left, and Sey was recently let go.

Sey is an outspoken opponent of COVID-19 mitigation measures, specifically school closures. She’s made no secret of her belief that closures and mandates aren’t the way to proceed in the battle against the virus, and she’s been and continues to be vocal on the subject.

Sey spoke out against the school closures in San Fransisco and even moved her family away from the area to Denver so her son could attend in-person learning. Levi’s urged her to “drop this school stuff,” and the ax finally fell after she appeared on Fox News for an interview with Laura Ingraham and questioned the status quo.

The company tried to cover its tracks, offering Sey a $1 million severance in return for her signature on a non-disclosure agreement to save them from the headache of having one of their top employees speaking the truth to power.

Sey turned down the severance on principle at great personal cost. Not only was she decline to accept the payment and benefit package she deserved regardless of her politics, but liberal factions labeled her an “anti-fat, anti-trans” racist. Sey has two black children and believes deeply in freedom and wonders why some detractors called her a “white supremacist.”

Isn’t this just another example of cancel culture interfering in the lives of Americans who are just trying to live their lives?

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