Liberal Media Caught Spreading Nasty Lie

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( – A journalist from a progressive news source intensified the online rumors that a right-leaning media platform might have been misled by someone mimicking former President Trump or possibly even a technological ruse, culminating in a notable clarification by the editor.

Recently, Trump participated in an interview on the conservative network Real America’s Voice. This led to online theories that the channel might have inadvertently interviewed a fake, given the irregularities in the audio quality. Some theorized that Trump might be ill or experiencing technical difficulties, while others believed it was an impersonation of Trump or a technological recreation based on his past speeches.

Zachary Petrizzo from the left-oriented Daily Beast escalated the situation by claiming that the owner of Real America’s Voice, Robert Sigg, had expressed intentions to verify if the call was a prank.

However, an insider close to Trump informed Fox News Digital that the former president was on the call but faced poor audio connectivity. Trump also highlighted snippets of the conversation on his social platforms, including a segment where he labeled President Biden dishonest. This led the Daily Beast to issue a significant clarification.

They stated that while a reporter from the Daily Beast had texted someone claiming to be Robert Sigg, a Real America’s Voice representative clarified that it was not Sigg’s current contact.

Contradicting the speculations, Real America’s Voice asserted the genuineness of the interview.

A representative from the network shared with Fox News Digital that The Daily Beast might have been misled into publishing a fabricated quote. The network considered all potential courses of action, including legal, against the Daily Beast.

Some reports commented on the peculiar sound quality of Trump’s voice during the call. Even notable conservatives felt something was amiss about the telephone conversation.

Throughout the call, Trump critiqued Biden extensively, questioning his physical and mental capabilities.

In response to the speculation, Mediaite altered its headline and emphasized the clarification from the Daily Beast in its updated story. They acknowledged basing their initial report on the potentially flawed information from the Daily Beast.

Insider also revised its story, removing quotes that might have been part of the misinformation.

As of now, Trump hasn’t publicly responded to these speculations.

Gizmodo, a tech-focused site, weighed in on the matter, suggesting that conducting such a lengthy interview using AI voice technology would be challenging, requiring seamless interaction and minimal response delay.

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