Liberals Falsely Claim Ron DeSantis Will Have People Jailed

Liberals Falsely Claim Ron DeSantis Will Have People Jailed

( – In America, the First Amendment allows people to criticize political leaders without fear of retribution or criminal charges, even when allegations are false or distasteful. During President George W. Bush’s time in office, critics called him everything from a liar to a war criminal over his actions to defend America in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During Trump’s presidency, Democrats called him racist and other derogatory names, including an authoritarian and an autocrat.

It appears critics of Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis are at it again, too. Liberal MSNBC contributor Fernand Amandi took the airwaves on Joy Reid’s show to suggest DeSantis was behind an initiative by some state universities to lower some professors’ heated rhetoric against the governor. Allegedly, some professors claim the University of Florida told them not to criticize the governor or his COVID policies in the media.

Amandi said he believed an edict came from DeSantis, and it amounted to a declaration of war on academic freedom. The far-Left pundit alleged if the professors or the schools criticized DeSantis, he would pull their funding, fire people, or do much worse — suggesting the governor would throw them in jail. Amandi said critics accused DeSantis of fascism and autocracy.

If this sounds familiar, you’d be right. These are the same over-the-top allegations made against former President Donald Trump, and they weren’t true. DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw said Amandi’s over-the-top rhetoric was vague, non-specific, theoretical, and not fact-based.

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