Liberals Reportedly Sending Death Threats to Florida Congresswoman

Liberals Reportedly Sending Death Threats to Florida Congresswoman

Congresswoman’s Life IN DANGER – Private Message Received

( – The baby formula crisis took center stage in American life and politics over the last month as grocery store shelves turned up empty. On Tuesday, March 24, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) told Newsmax that the Left came for her after she showed images of baby formula stockpiled at the southern border. She stated that the White House, CNN, and virtually every liberal outlet lambasted her for exposing the ineptness of the Biden administration.

Cammack exclaimed the Left was so angry with her that she began receiving an extraordinary number of death threats from a number of different people. Regardless, the Florida congresswoman said the threats wouldn’t deter her from exposing Biden’s actions. She explained that the pictures she took of the baby formula stockpiles at the southern border showed just how unacceptable Biden’s policies are.

Cammack then went on to say that the baby formula failure was just one in a series of consecutive failures since Biden took office in January 2021. The congresswoman said the administration was so inept that one couldn’t walk down the sidewalk without tripping over one of Biden’s crises. She continued, saying that all of the problems caused by the president would lead voters to the polls in November to speak loudly in a red tsunami, resulting in the GOP taking back the Democrat’s crazy agenda.

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