Libs of TikTok Owner Reveals Her True Face

Libs of TikTok Owner Reveals Her True Face

( – In recent years, many Americans have become concerned about what public schools are teaching children. When the viral Twitter account Libs of TikTok went live, the social media page exploded in popularity. Along with it came intense criticism as the anonymous owner spread awareness about how far left the educational system was moving. After The Washington Post exposed the personal information of the Libs of TikTok’s owner, minus her face, she decided to reveal herself to the public.

Chaya Raichik recently sat down with Fox News host Tucker Carlson to reveal her face. Raichik said the Left’s hatred and violent nature led her to remain anonymous. Her page reposts TikTok videos of teachers and adults allegedly indoctrinating children in progressivism or giving sexually explicit or gender ideology lessons.

With a massive 1.7 million Twitter followers, Raichik said sheโ€™s adding to her repertoire to help arm parents against the Left. She told Carlson that her page has helped to educate people about what was happening in public schools and assisted lawmakers in pushing legislation to solve some of the problems.

Now that her anonymity doesn’t restrain her, the Libs of TikTok owner stated she could be even more effective. Raichik said she’s planning speaking events and finding additional ways to help people fight against progressive indoctrination in schools.

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