Limbaugh’s HAUNTING Prophetic Video Resurfaces – This is Scary

Unearthed Rush Limbaugh Video Calls Out Virtue-Signaling

Unearthed Rush Limbaugh Video Calls Out Virtue-Signaling

( – Famed radio host Rush Limbaugh pushed back on virtue-signaling in 1993 before there was even a term to describe it. The expression didn’t appear in the English language until 2004, and the media first noted it in an article in The Spectator in 2015. So, was Limbaugh ahead of his time nearly 30 years ago?

Merriam-Webster defines virtue signaling as an act of displaying “awareness of and attentiveness to political issues, matters of social and racial justice, etc.” In the early 1990s, people wore ribbons to show support for a cause and demonstrate a moral high ground. For example, yellow represented missing children, orange was for leukemia, and red raised awareness for HIV/AIDS. In 1993, the 65th Academy Awards was awash with red ribbons. Yet, emcee Billy Crystal didn’t adorn his attire with the symbol.

Limbaugh praised Crystal as the bravest person in Hollywood. The conservative pinned on six different colored ribbons and mockingly said they showed he cared more about issues than those who didn’t pin one on their chest. The famed radio host noted that those who didn’t wear a ribbon were bigots, racists, sexists, and homophobes and were personally responsible for all of America’s problems. But not him, because he wore ribbons.

After the video resurfaced on Sunday, November 6, it went viral on Twitter, amassing 700,000 views in fewer than two days.

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