Lindsey Graham: I Smell a Sellout

Lindsey Graham:

( – If a person sticks around long enough, they’re likely to tell you exactly what they think, or so one old proverb says. After the Afghanistan withdrawal, some believed the United States didn’t fulfill its promises to those who aided America’s military for 20 years and left them behind to die. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was among those sounding the alarms. Now, he’s expressing concern the US could further erode its once stellar reputation.

On Sunday, March 13, Graham told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo he was concerned the United States under President Joe Biden would sellout Ukraine. He explained current US policies were creating chaos across the globe on a massive scale. The South Carolina Senator reminded viewers China threatened to come after the United States if the administration gave Taiwan self-defense weapons, Iran fired missiles at US targets in Iraq, and Afghanistan is a new terrorist safe haven.

Graham said the US would sellout Ukraine because Biden doesn’t understand Putin’s motives. The Senator noted Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t interested in neutrality with Ukraine. Graham said Putin wants to eradicate Ukraine. As proof, Senator said all one needs to do is listen to what he says in plain English. Graham said Putin is on record wanting Ukraine, but that’s not all. He also wants Moldova and Georgia – two former members of the Soviet Union.

Graham also said he wouldn’t go along with any deal that requires Ukraine to recognize Ukraine or any part of it belonging to Russia.

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