Lisa Murkowski Confronted by Project Veritas for Secret Rank Choice Voting

Lisa Murkowski Confronted by Project Veritas for Secret Rank Choice Voting

Lisa Murkowski CORNERED – She’s Been Exposed!

( – The Republican with the most to lose in the GOP primary this season may be Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). She voted to convict Donald Trump after the House impeached him in January 2021, and the former president has not forgotten. Still, Murkowski’s campaign may have created trouble for her. Project Veritas recently videoed a staffer admitting she supported a new voting system that would likely ensure victory. The Senator has publicly remained neutral but privately is positioning herself to take advantage of the rules to assure her re-election.

Campaign Interior Coordinator Josiah Nash admitted Murkowski secretly supports Alaska’s new ranked voting scheme. He said it’s the best way for her to win another six years in Washington, DC. However, he stated it was politically best if she stayed quiet and allowed the campaign to walk a fine line. Theoretically, the structure reduces an incumbent’s chances of being challenged in a primary due to a lack of name recognition and resources.

Alaska’s electoral system operates differently than most states that choose one primary winner. Under ranked-choice voting, voters rank the candidates in order by preference. The top-four highest vote earners advance to the general election, where a candidate wins if they receive the most first-vote preference.

If no one wins a majority of the first-preference votes, the process eliminates the candidate who earned the fewest first-preference votes. Then, elected officials recount the ballots again to determine if anyone won the adjusted votes. The process repeats until a candidate reaches a majority of the ballots cast.

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