Liz Cheney Sends Cheap Threats to Donald Trump

Liz Cheney Sends Cheap Threats to Donald Trump

( – One short year ago, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was a rising star in the GOP. In one of the shortest times ever in the House, she rose to the number four position in Republican leadership. After she voted to impeach former-President Donald Trump in January, it all came crashing down. Now, she’s one of two anti-Trump Republicans who sit on the partisan January 6 Select Committee allegedly looking into what occurred on that fateful day on Capitol Hill and how it happened.

Once again, Cheney is going after Trump. Since Trump’s impeachment, Cheney held Trump responsible for inciting the riot. Now, she’s the vice chair of the committee. On Wednesday, December 1, the Wyoming GOP outcast claimed the former president continued making false claims about the 2020 presidential election and misleading Americans. Cheney said Trump wants to debate committee members, and she suggested the committee’s work is not a game.

Cheney stated Trump’s communications with the committee would be under oath. She said if he perpetrates his supposed ongoing lies before the committee under oath, he’ll be held accountable under the law and would face criminal penalties.

Of course, that assumes Trump would agree to meet with the committee. However, if he refuses a subpoena, he could face criminal charges. So, who knows what will end up happening over the next year. If Republicans win the House 11 months from now, it will likely be a moot point.

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