Major Fight Brewing Over 2024 Election

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – In many states, the congressional redistricting maps are being challenged in courts, which could significantly affect the predictions about the 2024 presidential race and could alter the results in terms of which of the two parties would win the majority.

The Brennan Center for Justice, in a report earlier this month, found that 27 states were facing a total of 74 cases related to the legislative and congressional district maps. Of those cases, 45 have either a pending appeal or trial.

Many states, including Maryland, New York, Ohio, Alaska, North Carolina, and South Carolina, have already been forced to redraw their maps. Other states, like Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia, are still in the middle of the legal processes, which could end up extending beyond election day.

The redrawn maps could potentially wholly alter the landscape and could have a significant effect on the Democrat’s efforts as they are hoping to regain six seats to win back the House majority. The U.S. Supreme Court recently lifted a stay requiring Alabama to provide Black voters more extensive representation within the state’s districts.

Dormer Attorney General Eric H. Holder had stated last week that the debate in the redraw process was not about how they would be able to make sure that Black Alabamians would get to elect their selected candidates. Still, instead, it was about making sure that they would be able to maintain the “discriminatory status quo.”

The Supreme Court also ruled in June that state courts had the right to review the laws each state passed regarding the procedures of the federal elections.

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