MAJOR GOP Infighting Happening Now – Over This?

Midterm Letdown Sparks Infighting, Anger at Trump

Midterm Letdown Sparks Infighting, Anger at Trump

( – Voters went to the polls to cast ballots in the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8. In the final month of the campaigns, polls showed the top issues on voters’ minds favored Republicans, and political analysts believed a red wave had formed. Instead, it turned into a ripple. While control of the House will likely flip from Democrats to Republicans, the margins will likely be smaller than the GOP had hoped, and the Senate may stay in the hands of Democrats. The lackluster performance by conservative candidates is leading to some GOP infighting and anger at former President Donald Trump.

Several candidates endorsed by Trump failed to win their races, and others are running behind as election officials continued to tally votes on Thursday. On social media, numerous Conservatives called on voters to move away from the former president after the disappointing results. Erick Erickson, a Republican commentator, told The Washington Post the quality of a candidate mattered, and some of those the former president endorsed were not good candidates despite their allegiance to him.

Still, others said Trump had become politically toxic and noted several of his endorsed candidates failed. On Tuesday, the previous Commander-in-Chief said he should get the credit if his chosen candidates won. He said nobody should blame him for their poor performances if they lost.

What will the future hold? Will Trump run for president in 2024? An announcement could come soon.

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