Man Claims to Experience Terrifying 23 Minute Death

Man Claims to Experience Terrifying 23 Minute Death

( – Since the dawn of humankind, stories have existed of people who experienced out-of-body moments. Sometimes it’s a person on the verge of death, and other times it’s a dream that feels vivid and real.

For some people, it’s a religious encounter where people say they feel the warmth of God. For others, it’s the torment of hell. According to New York Times best-selling author Bill Wiese, the latter shook him to his core. He wrote a book chronicling his experience titled “23 Minutes in Hell.”

Wiese says one night, he woke up to get a drink of water, and his body separated from his spirit. Traveling through a long tunnel, the author said as he got closer to the end, it kept getting hotter until he landed in hell.

Using highly descriptive words, Wiese said it was filthy, stunk, and filled with smoke. With the intensity of the heat, he questioned how he was still alive. Demons tortured him before Wiese found himself in a pit of fire. He added that thousands of people were in the pit with him as they screamed during tortuous burning.

Eventually, Wiese says he woke up safe and sound, but he never forgot the journey.

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