Man Cleared of Murdering Girlfriend After Eating Pot Brownies

Man Cleared of Murdering Girlfriend After Eating Pot Brownies

( – A recent celebration of the purchase of a gaming console ended in the tragic death of a young woman. At the center of it all was a cannabis brownie.

Jake Notman is a 28-year-old who became so psychotic after ingesting pot brownies he strangled, beat, and stabbed 25-year-old Lauren Bloomer over 30 times and then ran over her with his car. Prosecutors said it resembled something out of the horror movie “Scream.”

Notman’s attorney, Andrew Fisher, said neither of the couple drank alcohol, smoked, or had a prior criminal history. The killer’s lack of exposure to substances likely contributed to the tragic event.

Fisher added that Notman couldn’t distinguish between what was real and what wasn’t, and he lost touch with reality. As a result, the judge in the case determined Notman didn’t know what he was doing and dismissed the murder charge.

The judge sentenced Notman to eight years and eight months on a manslaughter conviction. The judge stated the defense convinced her the cannabis brownie led to the psychotic episode. She added there was a lesson for everyone — Cannabis is a dangerous drug that’s illegal for a good reason. The judge seemed pleased that Nortman responded with remorse.

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