Man Jailed For Threatening Top Lawmaker

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

( – A Montana resident was handed a 2.5-year prison term this Thursday after he was found guilty of menacingly targeting Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) with a series of threatening voicemails.

Kevin Patrick Smith conceded to his actions in April, confessing that he had threatened a senator directly.

Upon delving deeper, investigators ascertained that throughout 2022, Smith made it a habit to reach out to Tester’s office with malicious intent consistently. Remarkably, he bombarded the senator’s office on a single day with five voicemails. These messages were filled with wild accusations, labeling the senator with unsavory titles, and carried explicit death threats. Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to taunt the federal law enforcement agency, the FBI.

In a particularly chilling voicemail, Smith warned, “If you dare confront me, it will be your end,” further challenging the FBI’s capabilities by brazenly encouraging them to get involved.

Recognizing the imminent threat, Capitol Police promptly escalated security protocols for Sen. Tester. They ensured increased protection at his Montana home and district workspace. When Smith was approached by federal authorities to understand his motives, he was unapologetic. He cited his disdain for Tester’s political ideologies and mentioned that his calls were intended to coax Tester into reconsidering his political positions.

However, Smith’s antagonism didn’t subside after this confrontation. He continued his relentless pursuit, dialing Tester’s district office with alarming frequency. Not only did he reach out multiple times daily, but the content of these calls also grew increasingly aggressive. Some of these calls even hinted at potential physical harm using firearms.

The law finally caught up with Smith in February when he was apprehended. He has since been under detention, awaiting legal proceedings.

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