Man Wants Charges Dropped for Assaulting Tickle Me Elmo

Man Wants Charges Dropped for Assaulting Tickle Me Elmo

( – Home surveillance systems have helped people catch crimes that would have otherwise remained undetected or unsolved. One homeowner made a shocking discovery recently, and it all centered around an innocent Tickle Me Elmo doll.

When Tickle Me Elmo came out in 1995, it was an instant hit with young kids all over America. Demand was immense for the beloved character’s toy at Christmas that year. Since then, Tickle Me Elmo has remained a constant on toy shelves. While children are supposed to play with the beloved puppet, it likely wasn’t intended for adult entertainment.

In early August, 59-year-old Kevin VanLuven was conducting a home inspection when he came across the Tickle Me Elmo and participated in some rude, crude, socially unacceptable behavior with the doll.

Wondering how her home inspection was going, homeowner Jaida Dodson checked in via her home security cameras. What she saw in her son’s bedroom was so shocking, she contacted the police through 911 and showed them the video footage. VanLuven admitted to the deed and apologized for his actions. Police took Elmo into custody as evidence.

Police charged the illicit actor with aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction of personal property. VanLuven spent five weeks in jail before posting bond. Now, he wants the charges dropped due to improper questioning. It raises the question: How should a police officer properly question a suspect caught on video doing nasty things to Tickle Me Elmo?

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