Maria Bartiromo Called Bill Barr “Screaming” at Him for Not Investigating Election

Maria Bartiromo Called Bill Barr

( – Apparently, ABC News journalist Jon Karl has a beef with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. He makes some salacious allegations against her in his new book, titled “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” the Sunday morning co-host of This Week makes some salacious allegations. He contends Bartiromo called former Attorney General William Bar after the election and chewed him out about voter fraud, arguing the Department of Justice didn’t lift a finger to stop Democrats from stealing the election. Karl wrote Barr yelled back at her, and she read him the riot act.

Bartiromo was one of the few in the media who advocated for former President Donald Trump after the election. Karl said it was inappropriate for the Fox Business host to call the attorney general and demand he start a criminal investigation over voter fraud. The author singled Bartiromo out several times in his book and suggested her program significantly promoted voter fraud conspiracies he denies existed.

Bartiromo didn’t respond directly to the allegations. Instead, Karl contends she communicated her denial of the story through a Fox News spokesperson. Karl said Bartiromo claims it was Barr who was animated and aggressive during the call.

What’s the truth? Who knows for sure. The publisher released the book for sale on Tuesday, November 16.

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