Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks Out After Getting Swatted Twice

Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks Out After Getting Swatted Twice

Congresswoman REACTS After Being Attacked TWICE!

( – When the police officers arrive at a home unannounced, it can create a very concerning and uneasy feeling for the residents. Someone or a group of individuals, reportedly on the Left, have targeted conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for introducing legislation protecting children from what she called abusive transgender affirming care. Over a two-night period, the authorities received reports of a fake crime at her Georgia residence. Greene appears concerned and defiant over the growing threat against her.

On Thursday, August 25, the outspoken congresswoman appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast. She talked about the “swatting” campaign the Left reportedly launched against her. During the interview, she acknowledged her concern and declared her belief that someone wanted to kill her.

Greene Swatted Back-to-Back Nights

On Wednesday and Thursday night, police responded to false 911 calls at Greene’s home after someone targeted the congresswoman. At approximately 2:53 am on Thursday, two officers arrived at her property after someone called and stated a man “came out as transgender” and allegedly shot the family at her address. When officers arrived on the scene, the lawmaker was waiting for them at the front door, where they informed her it was a second false report.

“Swatting” occurs when a prank caller dispatches a significant number of armed police to a particular street address. The suspect’s allegation came over a suicide chat line. Authorities said the perpetrator used a VPN, making it difficult to track the suspect’s location.

Spokesman Nick Dyer stated the top concern is the Georgia Representative and her family’s safety. He referred to the incidents as violence, though no violence occurred.

Taylor Said Someone Wants to Kill Her

During Bannon’s podcast, the former Trump adviser asked Greene if the Left was trying to assassinate her. She responded that someone wanted to murder her, and that the SWAT team was sent to her home on Wednesday night in an attempt to do so. Despite the allegation and experience, the congresswoman reaped massive praise on the police. She said they were knowledgeable but noted the situation was potentially dangerous.

Greene stated there was no way to know if one person was involved or if it was a group. Bannon and the lawmaker agreed that the media was partly to blame for irresponsible headlines accusing her of hating trans kids. She emphasized it wasn’t true, and that her motive was to protect kids from harmful adult decisions that lead to sexual child abuse.

She said the media were setting her up for a fatal incident, and if it happened, her blood would be on them.

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