Mayor Pete Made a Promise About Travel Weeks Ago, and It’s Embarrassing

Mayor Pete Made a Promise About Travel Weeks Ago, and It's Embarrassing

( – For those traveling over the holiday season, flying was anything but a pleasant experience. Southwest Airlines experienced a massive meltdown, stranding hundreds of thousands of customers ahead of Christmas through New Year’s. The company blamed internal scheduling technology after a bitter winter blast crippled air travel across the country. Other airlines experienced flight challenges due to the weather. Still, the problems go back to the summer months. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg promised weeks ago the problem wouldn’t occur over the holidays.

In September, Buttigieg told late-night comedian James Corden that airline travel would improve ahead of the holiday season. He said the Department of Transportation (DOT) was pushing the air carriers to improve their consumer service. He stated if travelers felt the airlines weren’t treating them reasonably, didn’t provide refunds, or didn’t live up to their obligations, the government would “have your back.”

According to one report, federal officials said part of the blame for airline cancellations belongs to the secretary. They stated the DOT never enforced some of the consumer protection policies.

The American Economic Liberties Project (AELP) said the government agency never issued a fine against a single airline for unpaid refunds, cancellations, or other consumer protection law violations after Buttigieg promised to protect consumers. Additionally, the think tank noted the DOT issued fewer enforcement orders in 2021 than in any year under either the Obama or Trump administrations.

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