Medical Solution for Liberals Is Testosterone, Medical Experts Find

Medical Solution for Liberals Is Testosterone, Medical Experts Find

Medical RESEARCH Shows What Turns Democrats Conservative!

( – In November 2014, Science Daily shared results from research showing Liberals were far more emotional than Conservatives. The study determined that emotions impacted far-left political positions far more than logic. Now, a new study suggests hormones may also contribute to political ideology, complementing the previous research.

Professor Paul Zak is the Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University. According to Dr. Zak, his research concluded that testosterone could influence a center-left Democrat to shift rightward in their political leanings.

The professor said his latest analysis, published in November 2021, revealed a link between testosterone levels and political preference. He studied 136 voting-age males through the 2012 election season and concluded testosterone caused weakly-affiliated Democrats to shift their political leanings to the right.

The subjects who participated were self-professed Democrats and allowed researchers to track how testosterone impacted their political views. Before giving the participants the hormone, the study said weakly affiliated Democrats had a 19% higher basal testosterone than males who strongly identified as Democrats, suggesting those with lower testosterone had left-wing political views.

The researchers emphatically stated that there is evidence that neuroactive hormones actively affect political preferences.

So, it may be possible for Democrats to become Republicans after all.

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