Meghan Markle Pushes Left-Wing, Pro-Choice Agenda

Meghan Markle Pushes Left-Wing, Anti-Abortion Agenda

Meghan Markle Makes CONTROVERSIAL Abortion Announcement

( – Democrats have cratered in the polls over the last six months, and those same polls show Republicans could give them a shellacking in the November midterm elections. Yet, they hope that abortion could be the ONE issue that drives enough voters to the polls to help them keep their majority in the House and Senate. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is among them.

On Tuesday, June 28, Markle and long-standing feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke with Vogue about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and the next steps for the left-wing pro-choice movement. Markle said pro-choice advocates needed to take action.

For example, Markle suggested pushing to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to preserve other liberties afforded to women from future court decisions.

Markle also said the ruling felt like the tip of the iceberg — suggesting the court could overturn same-sex marriage, contraception, same-sex marriage, and other privacy rights. Still, she said voters should channel their fears into action in November in the voting booth.

Markle said people must vote in every election from the bottom up. The Duchess said she would continue her activism for women’s rights, and she’s energized and motivated for this moment in time.

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