Melania Trump Bought New Clothes After Government “Contaminated” Her Old Ones

Melania Trump Bought New Clothes After Government

Melania Trump “CONTAMINATED” by the FBI – Details Released

( – In August, the FBI secured a broad search warrant to rummage through Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The FBI broke into the former president’s safe to take items they said belonged to the government. The authorities didn’t stop there. The ex-president posted on Truth Social that agents combed through Melania Trump’s closets and browsed her clothing and personal items. He stated they made a mess of her belongings. Uncomfortable with strangers having examined her things, the former FLOTUS decided to purchase a new wardrobe.

One of Melania’s close friends told Radar Online that the former FLOTUS felt violated and wasn’t comfortable wearing the clothes federal agents touched. Her friend added that Mrs. Trump is more germaphobic than her husband, whom Politico once called “the most germ-conscious man” to lead the free world. Melania’s friend stated she didn’t like the idea of strangers touching her clothes or underwear and would never feel at ease wearing the “contaminated” items again.

The friend said Melania trashed the contaminated clothing and purchased new attire and underwear. She said it didn’t matter whether or not FBI agents wore gloves because they disregarded her personal belongings.

The former president said agents didn’t just desecrate his wife’s belongings. He alleged they also rifled through his son’s room by conducting a “deep and ugly” search of Barron’s bedroom. He’s only 16 years old. Trump slammed the move as a third-world raid.

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