Melania Trump Says the Current State of America Is Sad

Melania Trump Says It's

Melania Trump Makes Disappointed Announcement – Please Read

( – The mainstream media regularly criticized Melania Trump over trivial matters throughout her time as First Lady. On January 21, 2021, an article by The Hill reported the media never treated a First Lady as disrespectfully or disgracefully as Mrs. Trump. They mocked Melania for her White House Christmas decor, rearrangement of the Rose Garden, her accent, and for being Donald Trump’s wife. On Sunday, May 15, Melania Trump sat down with Fox News for her first interview since leaving the White House on January 21, 2021.

The former First Lady said she’s gotten used to the criticism. She said the media was biased, and the public see’s their reporting as blatant attempts to harm her husband over their dislike for him. When asked what she thinks of the current state of the US, Mrs. Trump said it’s sad to see what’s happening. She said so many people are suffering and struggling in the country, adding that she hopes the situation changes quickly.

Despite all the negativity, the former First Lady said she enjoyed the vibe of Washington, DC, and that she enjoyed living in the White House. She also said that it was a privilege to have the opportunity to call the people’s house her home. Melania concluded the interview by stating that serving as the First Lady was her greatest honor and that the Trump administration accomplished much in four years.

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