Migrants Take Over Democrat City

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

New York City is still facing trouble relating to the influx of migrants entering the city. over 100 migrants have been staying at the Midtown hotel and have refused to move to a recently set up shelter, instead choosing to set camp in the streets.

According to the Daily Mail report the encampment outside the Watson Hotel had almost appeared overnight and it is only the latest of many updates relating to the migration crisis which has overwhelmed New York City. Mayor Eric Adams has set up a number of new shelters across the city in order to mitigate the migration problems.

Erika Quintero, who lives across West 57th Street has said that the migrants have been “disruptive” as there is a lot of noise coming from the encampment. Quintero, who lives with her son, has also added that for years they have also had to put up with homeless people that Adams had set up in the hotel.

Quintero added that her son is unable to focus during his online classes on zoom and she has resorted to carrying pepper spray because she feels unsafe in the city.

Since November many of the migrants who have arrived in New York have stayed at the Watson Hotel. Previously there had been plans for a camp city to be set up in the Bronx, but that plan quickly fell through.

Adams said that all single male migrants would need to move to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal’s new shelter by Monday. The new shelter is going to be housing more than 1,000 migrants.

However, many of the migrants refuse to relocate because they have privacy concerns and are not sure about the conditions that they would find in the temporary shelter.