Mike Lindell COURT Decision–This Could Be The End!

Lindell To Face SmartMatic in Court

Lindell To Face Smartmatic in Court

(TheRedWire.com) – In the wake of the 2020 general election, some people openly questioned the integrity of voting machines. MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell was among them. In January, Smartmatic, who made voting machines used in Los Angeles county during the 2020 presidential election, filed a lawsuit against the Trump supporter, claiming he knowingly made false allegations against the company, making Smartmatic “synonymous with election fraud.” On Monday, September 19, Minnesota federal Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright ruled against a request by Lindell and his company to dismiss the case.

The judge indicated she believed sufficient evidence existed that the infomercial celebrity ignored easily obtainable information that refuted his claims about the election. She stated he should have known the facts and agreed with Smartmatic that he spread potentially false statements with “actual malice,” an intent to do harm. Lindell’s legal representatives claimed his views weren’t entirely unbelievable, and, therefore, he based his claims on public assertions about “problems with voting machines.”

The MyPillow CEO told Bloomberg he disagreed with the judge’s ruling and would demonstrate in court that his claims were correct. He said the judge erred by allowing the case to move forward and said it violated his First Amendment rights.

Smartmatic has also filed lawsuits against other supporters of former President Donald Trump for similar allegations. The company also filed defamation suits against right-wing media outlets Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN.

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