Military Troops Are Being Asked to Restrict Movements of the Unvaccinated

Military Troops Are Being Asked to Restrict Movements of the Unvaccinated

( – Is it possible that America could begin to look like Australia? In the land down under, draconian extremes include locking down entire cities. Residents aren’t allowed outside to exercise and can only go approximately 3 miles away from their homes. The government heavily monitors citizens, and the Australian military ensures strict adherence to government mandates. If one newspaper had its way, it might not look much different in one American city.

On Saturday, January 15, The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board lobbied the state government to oppress those unwilling to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The editorial board stated they would advocate using the National Guard to ensure unvaccinated individuals went nowhere if they had it their way. It appears the newspaper hasn’t heard of a pesky thing called the US Constitution or the Utah Constitution. In their op-ed, the six-person editorial board accused the governor of waving the white flag of surrender.

The editorial board also accused state leaders of not acting civilized by refusing to institute the draconian measures. They say the state should have issued the rules a year ago but say it’s too late now.

Several moderate Republicans, including the son of former Ambassador Jon Huntsman, a former Bush administration official, and several anti-Trumpers, who all appear to support Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) ardently, comprise the six-member board.

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