Mitt Romney Attacks Trump for Recent Post About the Constitution

Mitt Romney Attacks Trump for Recent Post About the Constitution

( – Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) isn’t a big fan of former President Donald Trump. In 2016, the Utah Senator called Trump a “fraud” and regularly criticized his temperament. On Friday, December 2, the former president wrote that massive fraud allowed “for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” The statement caused a quick backlash, and on Monday, Romney joined in on the chorus of criticism.

Romney encouraged Republicans to distance themselves from Trump. He said the GOP had long been the party of the Constitution. The Senator then denounced the former president for going from MAGA to RINO (Republican in Name Only) for suggesting the termination of any part of the founding document.

The 2012 presidential contender stated that many elected officials would back away from him but what they think isn’t relevant. He said the real question is what GOP voters firmly behind Trump think.

On Monday, Trump tried to backtrack from his previous statement. He said he didn’t call for the termination of the Constitution and called the criticism against him fake news, disinformation, and lies. He repeated his assertion of widespread fraud in 2020, saying there should be steps to “immediately right the wrong.”

Conservatives have labeled Romney a RINO for his two impeachment votes and for voting against several conservative issues during Trump’s presidency.

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