Mitt Romney Calls for Biden’s White House to “Reset” America

Mitt Romney Calls for Biden's White House to

( – President Biden’s first anniversary in the office is Thursday, January 20. Over the last 52 weeks, things have not gone well for the president. Biden has experienced a slew of self-inflicted problems. An economy in shambles, fast-rising inflation, divisive rhetoric and legislative proposals, and a failed foreign policy lead the way.

On Sunday, January 16, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) told “Meet the Press” what he could do to fix his political problems. The Utah Senator said the first thing he should do is bring America together instead of trying to transform it. Romney said voters weren’t looking for transformation when they voted for Biden. Instead, they wanted a return to the political status quo prior to Trump’s ascension to the White House. However, what they got instead were policies and proposals most Americans don’t like.

Romney blamed Biden’s policies for making 7% of Americans poorer thanks to inflation. He added gas increased 5% over the last year, immigration is a mess, and COVID is resurging. Additionally, Afghanistan was a disaster, and Russia is now threatening Ukraine.

Instead of focusing on partisan legislation that separates America, Romney encouraged Biden to set all that aside. Instead, the Senator said he should be persuading Democrats and Republicans to work together. He used the infrastructure bill Biden signed into law in November as an example, calling the measure the president’s one and only legislative success.

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