Mom Suing School After Her Daughter Was Punished for Writing “Any Life” Matters

Mom Suing School After Her Daughter Was Punished for Writing

Mother SUING School Board After They Punished Her Child

( – In 2013, the Black Lives Matter moniker appeared as a new vernacular across America. While few would dispute the claim, some expressed concern that the Left was neglecting people from other races who experienced wrongdoing. In some conservative circles, All Lives Matter became a term the Left branded as inappropriate. It’s even filtered its way down to elementary school. On Monday, July 11, RedState reported that school officials disciplined a first-grade girl for writing Any Lives Matter alongside a BLM drawing.

Chelsea Boyle said the school never notified her of its discipline against her daughter, who has ADHD. She only found out because of a mutual friend. Boyle said the little girl didn’t understand what she’d done wrong when she drew a picture with black, brown, orange, and purple circles representing her friends. The girl wrote, “Black Lives mater [SIC] and any life.” The girl’s mother said one of her friends is Japanese, and she didn’t understand why her brown friend didn’t matter.

Boyle said the school forced her daughter to apologize in front of her classmates and staff. They then prohibited her from participating in drawing and made her sit on a bench during recess.

The family’s attorney said the school doesn’t deny the punishment but said it did not force an apology. Still, the attorney said it’s a case of compelled speech but isn’t optimistic the school will settle outside of court.

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