Mother of Hunter Biden’s Lovechild Begged for Help in Newly Found Messages

Mother of Hunter Biden's Lovechild Begged for Help in Newly Found Messages

Biden LOVECHILD Discovery – Secret Messages Found!

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been a consistent distraction, or worse, for him for years. In October 2020, a bombshell report about the then-Democratic presidential candidate’s son erupted in controversy. The New York Post revealed some of the content of a laptop, reportedly abandoned by the younger Biden, which was salacious and exposed potentially damaging information about his shady business dealings.

On Tuesday, July 21, The Sun shared new text messages sent by Lunden Roberts to Hunter. In 2017, the president’s son met Roberts while she worked as a strip club dancer at the Mpire Gentlemen’s Club in an upscale Washington, DC, community and attended graduate school at George Washington University. The texts sent by the mother of Hunter’s youngest child reveal she tried to involve him numerous times, but it appears he refused to acknowledge the pregnancy or participate in parenting.

President’s Son Turned His Back On Daughter

In August 2018, Roberts gave birth to Hunter’s daughter, Navy Roberts. Two months later, the new mom attempted to reach the baby’s father, but her efforts were met with scorn and rejection. Still, she said several times via text that Hunter was always welcome into the baby’s life despite not wanting anything to do with her or the child. Navy is three years old now, but Robert’s lawyer says the First Son has never reached out to the mother of his child.

Hunter’s former lover called and texted numerous times before and after the child was born. Yet, it appears he wanted nothing more than to sweep the story under the rug and move on with his life.

Hunter Biden Settles Paternity Lawsuit

In September 2018, Hunter cut Roberts off from working at his law firm, where she earned a $3,000 per month salary and health benefits. In March 2020, an Arkansas judge approved a paternity lawsuit settlement that Roberts brought against the president’s son. The deal included monthly child support and health insurance premiums for both mom and daughter. The Sun reported part of the settlement included a $2.5 million payout.

Despite the settlement and acknowledgment that Hunter is Navy’s biological father, he has remained estranged from his daughter. In May 2019, Hunter acknowledged he had an affair with his deceased brother’s widow. The president’s son added that all the other women he dallied with weren’t dating material, seemingly lumping Roberts into that mix but never acknowledging any names. He claimed this was the core reason he challenged the paternity suit before settling in court.

The Sun’s phone calls to Lunden Roberts went unanswered. The one time a woman answered, she refused to comment. So, despite all the heartache and public awareness, Ms. Roberts appears faithful to her word to maintain discretion, protect her daughter, and keep the door open for Hunter to engage his daughter if he so wishes.

Will he ever grow curious or reach out to her?

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