Movie Star Hospitalized After Bloody Fall

Movie Star Hospitalized After Bloody Fall

Movie Star Left BLOODIED and HOSPITALIZED After Accident

( – Movie actors sometimes take their bodies from one extreme to another, depending on their role. Some put weight on quickly, and others take it off. Recently, noted film star Aaron Taylor-Johnson suffered an injury on set that left him bloody, unconscious, and in the hospital.

Taylor-Johnson is starring in a Brad Pitt feature film, The Electric Train. The entertainer said he was on a strict keto diet to drop significant weight and appear scrawny. While shooting a reel, his blood sugar levels plummeted during a fight scene. The actor stated he got drop-kicked across a room and cut his hand on a corner. When the performer noticed the injury, he passed out.

When he woke up, Taylor-Johnson was ready to go, but the staff told him no and instructed him to go to the hospital. The actor said he didn’t realize how weak of a state his body was in due to the diet. Still, he noted it’s part of the job, and he knew things like this could happen when he signed up to work in a David Leitch movie.

Even though the event left him a little shaken, the entertainer said he had a blast shooting the film. It was released in theaters on Friday, August 5.

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